The Memory of a Day

Sweet Megan, it seems like just yesterday….

There you were, all dressed up in princess costumes and high-heeled plastic shoes; licking the hottest salsa off of tortilla chips and singing, “So Long, Farewell,” from The Sound of Music every night with your sister before bedtime.

Who knew that your dad and I would blink and there we were, watching you get all dressed up again—this time in the most beautiful white dress with bedazzled Nike tennis shoes on your feet and salsa on the menu for all to enjoy later, as we got ready for our own version of, “So Long, Farewell.”

As kids grow up, there are all sorts of milestones that are reached and celebrated. From sleeping through the night for the first time, to starting school, to getting braces and a driver’s license, and then those big accomplishments such as graduations and first jobs—each milestone is both a first…and a last. And when your baby girl walks down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams, you can’t help but think about all of her firsts, her lasts, and every little moment in between.

This day—your wedding day—is something that we have been praying for since your very first day of life. Every day we prayed for your future, which included a young man we did not know yet, who would someday ask you to be his forever. And as you walked down that aisle, arm-in-arm with your dad, I watched the eyes of the man we had been praying for the last 23 years—and I thanked God for his faithfulness and goodness.

I believe God gives us little winks to remind us that in the midst of our big moments, he is ever present and ever good. While dad waited in the winery to see you for the first time in your wedding dress, he looked out the window and was filled with emotion. In the distant sky, circling the treetops just above the cross where you would commit to begin a life together with Lynx, an eagle soared. Your ancestors would tell you that an eagle is a symbol of blessing—for it’s the bird that flies the closest to heaven.

What a privilege it was for us to gather in that same spot and pray a blessing over you and Lynx and launch you into your greatest adventure yet. It was a moment of firsts, of lasts, and a little bit of, “So Long, Farewell.” But more than anything, it was a demonstration of joy and love; a testament to God’s faithfulness, and one heck of a celebration!

It’s been just over a week, and dad and I daily reflect on the awesome memories of your special day. So here’s to Lynx and Megan Hawthorne—may your love grow bigger and better with each new day and may you be ever mindful of the winks God gives you along the way. Love you both so much! ❤