Kudos to Snow Days

No one ever believes the forecast in Colorado–because as the phrase goes, “Blink, and the weather will change.” And the past 24 hours proved that phrase true.

Yesterday afternoon, we sat out on the dock, enjoying the warm sunshine and a glass of wine. A welcomed moment of relaxation after a busy, busy day. The Weather Channel warned that a wintery front was approaching–but we were soaking in the start of spring; what cruel joke would cloak a beautiful day with a blanket of white?

As we crawled into bed last night, I could hear the rain pounding the roof. The sound lulled me to sleep. And then the alarm sounded to start another busy day. As I began to make my way to the edge of the bed to start the morning routine, a text alert lured me back to my phone with the glorious words, “Snow Day.” A peak out the window affirmed the unexpected day off. Snow, wind, and cold–not what I would have anticipated as I sat on the dock the night before.

Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what we need. Our lives get so busy–we grind through the routine of the work week, stress about things that are out of our control, and forget to appreciate the little things. Today, I was able to relax with a cup of coffee as I dug into my morning devotions, not the norm on a Wednesday. How appropriate that today I was reading about contentment. These words pulsated off the page, “We find contentment once we learn to see everything as a gift or opportunity. Perspective is everything. Happiness is a choice.”

Contentment isn’t something that comes to us naturally, it’s an acquired taste. Lately, my taste hasn’t been so evolved. I find myself focusing more on the worries of the day, rather than on the treasures of the moment. And then, when I don’t even realize it, my heart becomes cold to the blessings that surround me. In the midst of a winter storm, God has led me to a day of rest. A gentle reminder to change my perspective and find contentment in the every day.

So kudos to a snow day–a  day when I am content to curl up under a blanket and ponder on all of the gifts and opportunities that I am daily grateful for–not the things that I have been denied. I need to remember that when my perspective is set on the storm, all I need to do is blink.  snow day (2)


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