Time Passages

This has been a milestone year for my husband and I–we both turned 50 on our respective birthdays–officially kickin’ it for a half a century. In August, I celebrated quietly with one of my daughters and took a road trip to Lake Powell to meet up with family and friends. I didn’t have a break down over my age or freak out over the numerous solicitations in the mail from AARP. I did think a lot about the blessed life I had lived for 50 years and what I wanted to accomplish in the next 50 years. Then, to celebrate for myself, I listed 50 things I wanted to accomplish in my 50th year. Stuff like this: going to a new stadium (check!), reconnecting with at least one childhood friend (check!), tour a vineyard (to-do!), and play the piano again (to-do!).

My husband just celebrated his big 5-0 this past weekend. He would have gladly breezed past this milestone without any pomp and circumstance but I wasn’t about to let him get off so easy. Instead I surprised him with a party filled with friends at his favorite tap house. I had friends from near and far send him cards and notes that were filled with photos and memories from the past. A good time was had by all and I even managed to keep everything a secret, up until 20 minutes before the party started (those bank alerts that your wife just spent over $200 at Qdoba will get you busted every time).

As my husband and I chatted and reflected over the weekend, we realized we’ve been together now for over half of our lives. Pretty amazing for two people who some would say, barely knew each other, when they announced they were going to get hitched. And while we’ve had our share of struggles, arguments, hardships, and heartbreaks, they pale in comparison to the adventures, joys, celebrations, and love that we have shared together. At the end of the day, we can still say, without a doubt, that we still kinda like each other–a lot. Together, we came to the conclusion that we’re pretty excited about what the next 50 years will bring our way.

And the best part of all? We get to live that adventure–together.


                                                   Who knew back then???                                                                                   Baby photos

That they would live a great love story ❤