Choose to Celebrate

Life’s milestones are worth celebrating and there has been plenty of that to go around the last few weeks. Babies being born, weddings to attend, graduations from kindergarten to high school to law school–each of these life events are filled with emotions–everything from excitement to fear, relief to panic, joy to a bit of sorrow. These emotions are experienced not only by those directly impacted by these milestone moments, they also tend to tug at those who are on the outside looking in. It causes us to reflect on our past and contemplate our future. It stirs us to wonder about our own journey and where it is taking us.

On Saturday I had the privilege of giving a diploma to a high school student. As I sat among all of the graduates, I was in awe. Some students I’ve known since they were in preschool and I’m so proud of the young men and women they’ve become. Others I watched as they struggled to get to graduation day–life’s circumstances weren’t always in their favor, and walking across that stage to receive their diploma had to hold a little “extra” sweetness for them knowing that they defied the odds. Stepping off the stage for each graduate signified the end of one leg in their journey and the beginning of a new path they are about to blaze.

As I gazed into the audience, I saw the tears of a mom for whom this moment was bittersweet–her youngest of three receiving his diploma that day. In the fall, he would be off to another state for college–I personally know both the joy and pain she was experiencing that day. I watched a dad snap dozens of photos as his son was wheeled out across stage, imagining that this milestone was one his parents may have thought at one time would never be experienced. As parents, the journey also changes and the significance of the porch light becomes even greater as children begin to pave their own way.

Then the hats are tossed in the air, the parties are attended, and everyone wakes up wondering, “What’s next?”

It’s unfortunate that we tend to only celebrate the milestone day. Sure–those significant days are filled with food, gifts, and way too much cake–and our diets and pocketbooks would suffer if we indulged like that on a daily basis.  But the reality is, every day is a milestone; every day is worth celebrating. On both the good days and the challenging ones; lessons are learned, victories are achieved, obstacles are conquered. Don’t let a day go by letting fear or animosity win the day. Make a choice to celebrate, because every day is a gift and great things are always just around the corner.




A New Kind of Mother’s Day

It seems fitting to write my first post on Mother’s Day–because so much of what I want to express through this blog is about family and yes, motherhood.

Today, Mother’s Day is a bit different for me. First of all, it hasn’t been about enjoying a beautiful spring day planting new flowers to brighten up the yard. It’s Mother’s Day in Colorado, which means “blink” and it will snow–literally. Everything that bloomed last week is now covered in a glistening blanket of white. And it may be a bit dreary today, but the sun will be out tomorrow and all of this wet, wet snow will hopefully turn our surroundings into a deep shade of bright green. To everything there is a season….

And this is a new season for me. For the first time since becoming a mom, I didn’t have any of my kids close by. Instead, I enjoyed the day getting phone calls from each of them, sweet Instagram and Facebook posts, and even a pretty humorous Snapchat. Even though my kids are spread out in different parts of the country, the wonderful world of technology keeps us connected. But today still seemed a bit different; like the weather. It’s a new season in life. I don’t feel any less like a “mom,” but gone are the days of crayon covered cards and paper plate hats to proudly wear to church because it was made especially for me. Yes, it’s a new season, but one that I love just as much as any other season of motherhood.

Because for me, Mother’s Day isn’t about getting doted on or getting flowers and gifts. I’ve already received the greatest gifts I could ever receive in a lifetime–the ones who call me “mom.”

I posted a photo of my kids today with this caption, “You are my best adventure, my most rewarding investment, and the greatest love I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful to be your mom.” They are the true reason that Mother’s Day is awesome–they are the reason I can celebrate. They are my greatest gift.

Today might be a different kind of Mother’s Day, but I cherish it just the same. My kids have been and will continue to be my best adventure–and no matter what the season, I intend to enjoy the ride.